Kind Spectrum offers Vaporizer Cartridges containing 100% Broad Spectrum CBD Extract – never isolate, never diluted, never adulterated.

Kind Spectrum CBD Extract Cartridges contain 500mg of Broad Spectrum CBD Extract – no CBD isolate or dilutants. Most CBD vaporizers from other companies are made with CBD isolate diluted into MCT oil or a blend of Propelyne Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. Our Broad Spectrum CBD Extract Cartridge is the first broad spectrum 100% hemp extract cartridge.

Kind Spectrum offers one of the highest potency Full Spectrum CBD Oil tinctures available.

Our Extra Strength CBD Oil contains 65mg of CBD per mL of oil. This is one of the highest concentrations you will find in a full spectrum CBD Oil tincture. Made with 100% organic CBD extract and hemp seed oil, our CBD Oil is pure and effective.

The Kind Spectrum Laboratory uses organic food-grade cane ethanol, the standard for organic botanical extraction.

Our processes use no extreme heat or pressure, keeping the whole plant extract with all terpenes and cannabinoids intact. These processes prevent the need for harsh chemicals, resulting in clean, solvent-free full spectrum hemp extracts. We perform in-house testing and third party testing on every batch to ensure quality and consistency.

Kind Spectrum CBD is extracted from organic hemp grown in Colorado.

Colorado is leading the industry by growing the highest grade medicinal hemp in the world. Colorado farms have bred their hemp plants specifically for high CBD content. These farms grow hemp plants for therapeutic value (high cannabinoid/terpene content), not for industrial value. Our farmers grow with care and compassion, creating pure and potent medicinal hemp.

When you purchase Kind Spectrum CBD products, you are getting CBD straight from the source, which allows for the most affordable price per mg of CBD.

Many other companies will source CBD to re-sell to their customers – leading to more expensive, less potent products. Kind Spectrum is a vertically integrated manufacturer, so we can offer the best price and quality guaranteed.